"BIPOM Cluster" Balkan Black Sea Farm Machinery Cluster
 Manufacturer's business association for improving competitiveness

 11030 Belgrade - SERBIA, Kneza Viseslava 70a

Sector: 9499     Decision No: BU 753 / 2010      Reg. No : 17602411         VAT : 103870260

Tel. +381 (0)11 254-21-58 Fax +381 (0)11 24-44-096

 E-mail : klaster@bipom.org.rs   Web : http://www.bipom.org.rs


"BIPOM Cluster" is association for improvement of competitiveness of the producers of agricultural machinery and agro-engineering, registered 9.5.2005 in Belgrade, Serbia.


Competitive network of companies which give service to the local farmers in the Balkans, Africa, the Russian Federation and the CIS states.


Linking leading local companies, organizations and institutions in regional and global networks for development and support of family farms around the local mini-processing plant raw agricultural and cooperation in the production and servicing of agricultural machinery and equipment.

"BIPOM Cluster" offers complete solutions for the development of family farms, mini plant and services: projects, agricultural machinery, equipment, seeds and planting materials, training and support of agronomists, engineers, craftsmen, technicians and farmers local partners.

 Areas of cooperation with partners in target regions:

1. A systematic and comprehensive support for sustainable development of the village - the concept 3F ("From Farm to Fork")

2. The transfer and exchange of technology and know-how for

- Development of family farms and mini-plant for processing agricultural raw materials and
- Cooperation in the production of agricultural machinery, equipment, seeds and seedlings.

 3. Joint development of new machinery, hybrid seeds and seedlings to the needs and possibilities of local farmers.

 4. Joint participation in local, regional and global markets.

 5. Creating conditions for young professionals to remain in their countries and work on projects throughout the territory of branch network in joint innovation and development teams with experienced professionals.

Cluster activities in targeted regions
- Balkan Black Sea region
- Africa



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