BIPOM cluster was established as an association for promotion of competitiveness of farm machinery manufacturers and founded on May 9. in 2005 from experts, managers and owners of enterprises for tractor implements and motor-tillers.  
  After establishing cluster join enterprises for tractor implements and motor-tillers, faculty for Mechanical engineering and Agriculture from Belgrade University, Faculty of Technical sciences from Novi Sad, Mechanical engineering college from Belgrade, High technical school from Boljevac, Lola Institute from Belgrade.
BIPOM cluster is founded with support of  Serbian Chamber of Commerce and its activities patronize  Ministry for economy and regional development by finance and expert evaluation.  

 11030 Belgrade - SERBIA, Kneza Viseslava 70a

Tel. +381 11 254-21-58, +381 11 233-33-90     Fax +381 (0)11 24-44-096

 E-mail : klaster@bipom.org.rs

Web : http://www.bipom.org.rs